President Mahinda Rajapaksa and Jeyraj Fernandoupulle, Minister of Trade and Commerce
The presidents soldiers
MANAGER: Roshan Waduthantri, (retired ARMY)
Learning to trust the sea again
Swimming lessons
Tsunami busters!!!
Thankyou for everything you have done for CTEC Tyronne
District Governor
CTEC Protected through Harmony
Tyronne Anthony: CTEC manager
The Community Tsunami Early-warning Center located on Galle Rd, Peraliya, Telwatta.
Board meetings and busy office moments.
"A moment of silence for the 'Stolen lives"
26th DEC, 2005. One year anniversary brings a visit from the Presidents soldiers.
Introducing our new CTEC officer with his father Manager Roshan and his wife!
Marketing CTEC to the community
monitoring, officers, volunteer handing out CTEC numbers and new focal points opening all along the coast.
Local Volunteers: Father and son from surrounding villages
Dr. Novil: great leader
More Meetings
Thankyou Cronulla, Rotary Club, Australia for your support and donations
CTEC officers were asked to protect the Seenigama full moon festival through fears of a stampede due to a Tsunami rumor. CTEC set up a booth with computers and monitored for earthquakes.
An overwhelming response from the police and locals for the tsunami center numbers
Thousands of people attended the Full moon festival
Meetings... lots of them!
A visit from the Sri Lankan Navy endorsing the center
DR Novil and the quarterly report available for anyone to see.
CTEC officers give lectures to the villagers on tsunami and evacuation routes.
Alan Wellington of Habitat for Humanity sent us a great Reuters crew to help paint the tsunami Warning center
Speakers are secured throughout the villages to warn of a future tsunami
Tsunami evacuation signs are placed along the evacuation routes
James teaching computer to local kids
Alison's Tsunami dog looking out the CTEC window.
Alison Co-Founder of CTEC and "The Angel of Galle"
Candidates for CTEC Coordinator undertaking the written assignment: My vision for CTEC today and by 2010..."
Fire preparedness programme, Matara
Tsunami awareness programme, Dadalla